Becoming a Thought Leader

Creating impactful content for innovative marketing ideas.

Key Metrics

392% Increase in Keywords
70.78% in New Users
69.72% Increase in Organic Traffic


After over a year of working together, Folloze has seen an impressive increase in organic traffic, new users, and relevant keywords. With the help of 20North’s valuable strategy and hard work, Folloze has become a marketing powerhouse with the consistent production of industry-leading content and SEO approaches. Search engine optimization is critical for making your company win on Google, and Folloze is a primary example of how 20North’s work is an advantageous investment. 


Today, the modern B2B buyer is digital-first and self-guided, flipping the traditional sales funnel and leaving fewer opportunities for sales teams to engage directly with prospects. 

The Folloze Buyer Experience Platform provides the collaboration tools sales and marketing teams need to target and engage buyers effectively. Folloze solves challenges created by digital transformation by empowering frontline marketers, strengthening the partnership between sales and marketing, and measuring engagement at every step of the journey to inform future campaigns. Folloze is the most innovative and powerful buyer experience platform on the market. With their innovative technology and a primary focus on empowering B2B marketers to easily create engaging, content-rich experiences, ABM and demand-gen campaigns have never been more effective and personalized. Folloze has and will continue to pioneer the future of marketing.


The marketing industry had never seen a buyer experience platform as advanced and innovative as Folloze to help marketers maximize their ABM, demand gen campaigns, and more., But Google was not working in their favor. Before partnering with 20North, Folloze did not focus on SEO initiatives and the marketing content produced was held on a subdomain. 20North knew the potential Folloze had on Google and how to progress their traffic and keyword rankings with targeted SEO efforts. 

Our Strategy

20North Marketing and Folloze started their partnership in August of 2021. Our primary goal was to increase the brand’s relevance and organic traffic, leading to increased conversions. With the highly competitive account based marketing space, we knew SEO success was going to be an important piece of the puzzle, so 20North created an effective and aggressive SEO strategy. The calculated strategy consisted of foundational work, technical work, and increased output of content. Specific components of our SEO strategy included: 

  • Starting off the relationship with extensive competitor analysis and keyword research to track relevant keywords Folloze was already ranking for, along with new keyword targets.
  • Creating an improved site structure to elevate keyword rankings across their web pages and set the site up for success.
  • Conducting main page optimizations with relevant keyword-focused content to further the SEO foundation and improve keyword rankings and organic traffic.
  • Implementing Technical SEO, including moving the blog off a subdomain, to ensure the effectiveness of our foundational work.
  • Creating new long-form content based on the key solutions and features of the Folloze platform.

20North not only wanted to drive organic traffic to the Folloze website, but we also had a goal of Folloze becoming a thought leader in the industry. 



The 20North team is proud to partner with Folloze as they take the B2B marketing world by storm. We continue to progress their SEO marketing efforts, so more frontline marketers and companies can see all that Folloze has to offer.