Paid Media Services

Creating an effective advertising campaign starts with establishing quantifiable marketing objectives. Depending on your goals, the strategy can vary. So can your target audience, depending on which stage of the buyer’s journey you’re trying to reach them.

20North is a paid media expert across the digital spectrum that works to understand your business goals, help identify your target customer, and generate trackable results and conversions to drive revenue growth and capture qualified leads. Increase your brand awareness with our hard-working media experts.

As an official Google Partner, we’ve mastered the art of creating ad campaigns that get quantifiable results. We leverage our experience with a rigorous testing process that continuously optimizes your campaign. We’ll A/B test everything from headlines, ad copy, calls-to-action, and landing pages to find the ads that resonate best with your target audience and achieve maximum conversions. We don’t just stop with running the ads, 20North will strategize your media campaigns for customer journey from first impression to conversion and sales.

At every phase of your campaign 20North will provide you with measurable KPIs and actionable results.

Why Is Paid Media Important

  • Increases Brand Awareness
  • Drive Higher Conversion Rates
  • Promote Your Brand’s Message
  • Connect with Potential Customers

Which Paid Media Service is Right For You?

At 20North, we listen to your marketing goals. Based on your value propositions, product, and industry, our highly-skilled team creates a digital media strategy that will push your company to its highest potential.

Whether you are a B2B business that engages in LinkedIn ads or an e-commerce company who benefits from TikTok video ads, we have the expertise to increase your conversions and click-through rates. Talk to our advertising team to see which paid media services will help your business!

Google Advertising

Several products within the Google ecosystem that can drive sales and improve your brand recognition. They work best when they are used together to create a comprehensive approach to increase your visibility.

1. Google Paid Search

Paid search or PPC (pay-per-click) advertising relies on a thorough understanding of user intent when searching for products and services online. The key to a successful search campaign is picking the right keywords that match the way people search for things online. At 20North, we conduct thorough keyword analyses for your category and competitors. This helps us optimize your ads for the right search terms and helps customers find you. Search is the highest converting paid Google platform.

2. Google Paid Display

Display ads get your message in front of consumers without waiting for them to find you. When people are browsing online, checking their Gmail accounts, or using mobile devices and apps, Google’s Display Network exposes them to your products and services. 20North creates compelling display ads that get noticed. By highlighting your unique selling proposition, we’ll target the right audiences that match up with your target customers. This is a great platform for “branding” your name, service and/or product.

3. Google Remarketing

When a potential customer visits your site, they demonstrate an interest in your products or services. We can then remarket to them as they move around the Internet, so they continue to see your brand. 20North’s Google Ads, paid search and display management specialists can manage this highly effective strategy from start to finish. Many people searching for your service or product do not impulsively buy. This strategy is highly effective to bring people back to your website. 70% of people searching for a product or service will come back to your website a second time with the proper retargeting.

4. Google Shopping

If you’re selling products online, you need to be part of Google Shopping. When people search for products, Google’s shopping results show up at the top of the page above organic search results. Customers can view, search and compare products side by side. 20North will handle your Google Shopping campaigns to make sure your products are seen on the first page of search results.

5. Google My Business

Many organizations overlook the importance of Google My Business (GMB). If you’re not properly using and maintaining GMB, your business won’t show up in the Google Maps or local search results. If the information is incorrect or out of date, it can frustrate customers and hurt your search ranking. 20North can manage your GMB account to optimize it for the best search results.

The Benefits of Working with a Google Partner Digital Marketing Agency

Yes, you can do some things online yourself. You can also spend a lot of time and use your precious ad dollars ineffectively. When you work with a Google Partner, you get:

  •  Demonstrated years of Google Ads skills and expertise
  •  Continuous client revenue growth
  •  Dedicated support and business strategy
  •  Exclusive access to new Google beta features
  •  Speedy resolution of account issues
  •  Best practices in Google Ads testing and innovation

While there are other search engines, Google commands 92% of all searches. Your company needs to be on Google to be seen.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon is the third largest search engine behind Google and Facebook, and the largest e-commerce search engine overall. Amazon is a difficult platform to navigate as brands selling on it need advertising to be a part of their overall strategy because ads are such a big component of how Amazon works. 20North has deep expertise in Amazon advertising. Our pricing for this offering actually guarantees at least a 1.51 or higher Return on Ad Spend (“ROAS”).

Social Advertising

Social media advertising has become an incredibly important part of the advertising mix for most businesses. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, your audience is spending time and making decisions online. 20North’s social media advertising experts can help you craft the right Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok or Twitter campaign to reach and engage your target audience.

Data-Driven Results

Successful digital marketing is rooted in data and analytics. Being able to understand and interpret the data is more than an art. It’s a science. It takes careful analysis of the data to find the things that optimize campaigns and drive conversion.

At 20North, we understand analytics. Our experienced specialists use the latest tools to monitor and interpret the data in real-time. This allows us to discover patterns and trends that can easily be overlooked. The insights help us make educated predictions about consumer behavior and enable us to design and execute smart digital marketing strategies to get the business results you desire.

Why Hire Us as Your PPC Agency?

20North is a dedicated, white-glove service that attends to your every paid media need. Not only do we offer a team of dedicated analysts and high-quality services, but our team offers seamless communication and a commitment to you and your company’s success. On a daily basis, 20North ensures that your marketing campaigns are successfully performing. With 20North, you can trust that your company is in good hands.

Contact 20North Marketing Today for Your Digital Advertising

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