Email Marketing Service

How Important is Email Marketing?

Oftentimes, potential customers go onto your website, put an item in their cart, and close their computer. How are you supposed to encourage a purchase without paying for an ad? That’s where email marketing comes in. Email marketing keeps your subscribers engaged and ready to purchase. Keep your customers in the know with important new releases, sales, and industry information.

What Does an Email Marketing Agency Do?

Do you not know where to start with email marketing? Or just don’t have the time? An email marketing agency can take the stress off your hands. From automations, campaigns, and web design, our email marketing service handles the process from beginning to end.

20North’s Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is not just sending out an email campaign every so often. To create conversion optimization, brand awareness, and customer loyalty, you must have a perfected digital strategy and buyer’s journey. That’s where 20North can help. Our team has fine tuned our email marketing strategy to see the best results and reach your target audience, including email automation, email marketing campaigns, and more.

  • Overall Strategy: What do your customers want to see? What products do you want to highlight? How can our team showcase your branding? Our email marketing experts want your clients to see your business and products as a solution. Together, we can create a perfect email marketing solution through personalized emails and high quality content marketing. 
  • Marketing Automation: Abandoned cart, welcome series, and other automated email flows bring in a large percentage of your email marketing revenue, and an email marketing agency can keep your automations up to date and attractive to customers.
  • Campaigns: Each email marketing campaign has the potential to bring in new ecommerce purchases and profits. The 20North team is skilled in web design to make your products and ecommerce brand shine to your subscribers.

Reporting: Our work is transparent. Not only will you feel the results on your end, but 20North will report the results back to you. We want you to know how the work is impacting your bottom line.


What Email Marketing Software Does 20North Utilize?

As a digital marketing agency, we have utilized several email marketing channels. 20North can work efficiently and effectively on a wide range of email marketing softwares, but we do have one recommendation: Klaviyo. 20North prefers Klaviyo because of its ease of use, functionality, and email marketing automation and campaign capabilities. 20North maintains a close partnership with the Klaviyo team, and we are  always up to date with industry news, updates, and technical changes. With Klaviyo, our team can increase your open rate, expand growth, and ultimately drive revenue.

Why Choose 20North for your Email Marketing Service?

20North has a team of experienced analysts that are ready to help with your email marketing needs. As your ecommerce email marketing agency, we will work diligently to ensure high quality content and that goals are met. 

20North's Digital Marketing Services

Contact 20North Digital Marketing today! Whether you are in need of email marketing, search engine optimization, paid media marketing, or web development, our experts will provide a top notch digital marketing service for your business.