What Is Conversational Marketing?

February 6, 2020

Wouldn’t getting the exact information about what your potential customer wants and needs prove a great boost to your online business? That has always been an opportunity in face-to-face retail encounters but now it’s realistic in digital marketing. This relatively new tool is known as conversational marketing.

A Personal Approach

Conversational marketing means that your business uses a personal approach with online customers, via a chatbot or similar tool. A conversation takes place between the technology and the person, and it moves the customer through the entire sales process by asking questions. Although only one side is “real,” the entire effort is like a conversation. That is what people have looked for when acting as consumers for hundreds of years. Conversational marketing, based on human psychology, not only engages customers but gives them a sense of brand loyalty.

Based on each answer, your website can ask customers different, and specific, questions. If you’re currently using lead capture forms to obtain such information, rest assured conversational marketing is a better solution. It will bring you the relevant buyers who are going to make purchases and help your business grow.

The Chatbot

Chatbots are AI programmed to use a natural way of speaking. Adding chatbots to your marketing budget is relatively inexpensive, and well worth it. They can greet your customers with a friendly question or comment, such as “Thanks for signing up with us,” and “Let me know if you need any help.”

While the customers aren’t having a real conversation with a person, the chatbot has many human features – and a “personality.” A winning chatbot can get customers to reveal information about themselves that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to get otherwise. All of that information is obtained in real-time, and your business has the ability to respond immediately. Keep in mind that chatbots will improve even more in the next few years, so engaging in conversational marketing is a must for online retailers. If you sell a service rather than a product, the chatbot can book an appointment or recommend a nearby location.

You don’t need to operate a large enterprise to use chatbots and conversational marketing. You can use conversational marketing in various aspects of your online business, ranging from emails to text messages to landing pages to FAQs, as well as voice applications such as Google or Alexa. Nearly half of all U.S. households now use these digital assistants. The bad news is that nearly 60 percent of B2B businesses are still behind the times when it comes to contemporary consumer behavior. The good news is that roughly 80 percent of top companies have been using conversational marketing to get leads for three years or more.

Quick Information Access

Through the questioning process, the buyer receives the exact information they are seeking quickly. That shortens the sales cycle significantly. It’s a win-win for both parties. On mobile devices, consumers finish the sales cycle 3.5 minutes faster. If you aren’t using conversational marketing strategies yet, it’s time.