Covid-19 Has Affected Business. We want to help. 80% OFF websites for those in need.

80% OFF Shopify Ecommerce websites


We understand brick-and-morter businesses across the country are being significantly impacted by COVID-19.  At 20North, we can help you get your business online quickly and cost-effectively.  As experts in developing ecommerce sites, we’ll build a Shopify website for you featuring 10 products or less in four business days for just $795, 80% off what it would normally cost to build.  Contact us to get your online store up and running today!  


As a web design and development company, 20North has decades of experience building websites on various eCommerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and Squarespace, and using content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal. 


Whether you’re looking for a simple website using a themed template, or a custom-designed website built from scratch, our web design and development company can deliver a beautiful, functional WordPress or eCommerce website to meet your business needs and budget. Here’s what you’ll get from 20North: 




Responsive Design
Mobile-first design is an important ranking factor in Google search results, so it’s critical to have a great user experience. A poor mobile experience can drive potential customers to your competitor’s website.
SEO Optimization
A website optimized for SEO means that search engines know exactly what it’s about and will display it in relevant search results, thereby driving traffic, leads and sales for your business.
Content Creation

Compelling, relevant and high-quality content is one of the most important ranking factors in Google search. Text, images, video and graphics should be curated with SEO best practices in mind as well as how the end user will consume it.

Comprehensive Testing

We’ll test, test and test the website…and then test it some more. Prior to launching your new website, we will guarantee it functions properly on any device and with every browser.

Analytics Reporting

As experts in using Google Analytics, our web design and development company will dive into the data to provide monthly reporting on how well your website is performing and make suggested changes that will improve its performance.

Dedicated Maintenance

Whether you need ongoing maintenance to ensure there are no page errors or you want functional addons in the future, 20North can provide ongoing maintenance or additional development.

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Successful digital marketing is rooted in data and analytics. Being able to understand and interpret the data is more than an art; it’s a science. At 20North, we understand analytics and draw from our quiver of tools to read the data in real time, discover patterns and trends, and make educated predictions about consumer behavior. It enables us to design and execute smart digital marketing strategies to get the business results you desire.

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