Targeting Customers With Micro-Moment Marketing

August 27, 2019

Today’s customer wants their product right away. There’s an instant when a potential customer grabs their smartphone to search for information, whether it’s to make a purchase, seek out a restaurant or do anything else regarding the possible spending of money. Google refers to those fleeting seconds as “micro-moments,” and these time snapshots offer a great way for brands to interact with that consumer. Micro-moments are now among the hottest digital trends of 2019.

Smartphone Numbers

Currently, 25 percent of all people use only a smartphone when looking for information for certain needs, according to Google. Paypal notes that one-third of consumers on major shopping days use a smartphone, and the numbers are only expected to grow. Overall, the number of people using a smartphone to search for information has increased by 65 percent over the past few years. In the past two years, the number of “near me” searches have doubled.

For the marketer, micro-moments provide the opportunity to get their product in front of those smartphone customers. When smartphone users begin their online searches, the overwhelming majority are not driven toward specific brands. Micro-moments promote competition, allowing your company to gain a sale because it was first with the information the customer wants.

Content Overkill

Another reason why micro-moment marketing is gaining momentum: Consumers are just faced with too much content on a daily basis. If you’re dreading the barrage of texts, tweets, emails, ads and other content you receive throughout the day, your customers likely feel the same way. It’s simply not possible to consume more content – there are only so many hours in the day. Micro-marketing gives your company that brief instant of an opportunity to enter the consumer’s consciousness before they make that critical search and purchase decision.

The Value-Based Exchange

Micro-moment marketing focuses on the value-based exchange. That means the marketing must bring something of value to the consumer, and very fast. One of the advantages of micro-moment marketing for a small business is that you don’t need top production values. What you do need is an offer of discounts, coupons, experience or some other value that attracts the customer’s attention.

Targeted Ads

The way you target ads for micro-moment marketing depends on your business or service. For example, if you own a brick-and-mortar business, your micro-moment marketing might consist of letting the consumer know you are nearby and have the goods they want. Create ads for your store and your high sales items, and don’t forget to optimize location on your apps and website.

Before launching a micro-moment marketing campaign, conduct an in-depth study of your current data and analytics, so you know how your current customers are finding you and the devices they are using. There are certain industries, especially those more related to business than consumer sales, in which smartphones are not the primary sales conduit.

What to Avoid During Micro-Moment Marketing

What you do not want to do with micro-moment marketing is to push customers into a check-out page or anything relatively complex. The instinct of most people, when faced with this choice, is simply to go elsewhere.

20North Marketing can help you reach your customers the moment when they are searching for a product or service.