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Social media channels can be a powerful way to reach potential sales prospects and customers, beyond simply attracting likes and followers. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, 20North Marketing and our social media advertising services can help you develop paid advertising campaigns for social channels like Facebook and Instagram to best reach your target audiences.

As social media advertising professionals we have extensive experience in creating Facebook and Instagram Ads. We leverage our knowledge of how each platform works to identify the audiences you wish to target, deliver engaging creative to help your brand stand out among your competitors, and optimize your campaign through A/B testing. We’ll analyze ad performance and fine-tune the campaign to maximize results.

20North social media advertising experts can also support your social channel community management and provide strategic recommendations for crisis an reputation management.


    Successful digital marketing is rooted in data and analytics. Being able to understand and interpret the data is more than an art; it’s a science. At 20North, we understand analytics and draw from our quiver of tools to read the data in real time, discover patterns and trends, and make educated predictions about consumer behavior. It enables us to design and execute smart digital marketing strategies to get the business results you desire.

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