SEO Tactics That Work

September 18, 2019

The right SEO strategy is invaluable for your business, while the wrong one can make a serious dent in your bottom line. SEO best practices change constantly, so what worked well a few years ago may no longer prove sufficient. High-ranking SEO strategies take some time and effort but are well worth it. Here are current SEO strategies that can help bring customers to your site.

  1. Opportunity Keywords

An opportunity keyword boasts a high click-through rate. Due to changes in Google’s algorithm, it isn’t as easy to identify an opportunity keyword as it once was. Google Analytics remains a good tool for keyword opportunity identification, but it is just one of many options.

Once you’ve identified your opportunity keywords, place them correctly. Not only should your top keywords appear in the title tag and meta description, but also in your H1 and within the opening paragraph – preferably in the initial sentence.

  1. Mobile Use Optimization

Approximately 60 percent of Google searches are now performed with mobile phones, and the number is only going up. Make sure your site, and content,  is optimized for mobile use.

  1. Backlinks

If you have high-quality backlinks, Google considers your site more relevant than those with no or poor- quality backlinks. A backlink on your site takes the user to another site. Not long ago, the sheer number of backlinks on a site influenced rankings, but today quality matter more than quantity.

Look at your competitor’s backlinks and see who is linking. This provides insight into backlinking possibilities for your site.

  1. Content Design

While SEO is critical, content is still king. Not only does Google demand well-written, informed content, but for users, the design is critical. Your content requires a superior design for easy readability, especially on mobile devices. Boost the quality and depth of your content by including charts and other graphics. Always include appropriate photos or videos. Currently, Google prefers longer over shorter content, so focus on longer posts.

  1. Google Voice

Google Voice is also growing exponentially, and it is important to consider optimizing your content for its purposes. By 2020, up to half of all searches may occur via voice. While many of the other tactics mentioned here work for Google Voice, among the most important tips involve writing content on your site similar to the way people speak.

  1. Short URLs

When it comes to URLs, less is more. With SEO, short URLs do far better than long URLs. For best results, your URLs should contain just your keyword, with perhaps one additional word.

  1. Page Speed

A top webpage loads within three seconds. If your webpage isn’t up to speed, it is penalized by Google in its rankings. There are various online tools available for checking page loading speed. If yours isn’t up to snuff, consult your tech expert to get your pages loading promptly.

  1. Track Your Progress

When it comes to SEO tactics, regular metrics checking is essential. Each week, examine your click-through rates, bounce rates, and similar metrics to determine which keywords work best. Google Search Console helps monitor your organic traffic. Not only is tracking your progress key but without frequent checking, you can’t know if your rankings slip or if Google has penalized you.