SEO Strategy: Backlinks

February 19, 2019

Ever wondered what backlinks are and what purpose they serve to your Search Engine Optimization? We’re here to explain all of that.

SEO, a Breakdown

If you’re wondering what SEO is and what it can do for your business, it’s time to join the game. It’s important to get your website ranking within the first two, preferably first page of google results. This ensure that potential customers are finding your site and the services you offer, before they’re finding your competitors site. One of the ways you can boost your page ranking is to build backlinks to your site, drawing more traffic and more clicks.

Quality is key

While it’s easy enough to build backlinks to everything, Google does take into consideration what kind of links lead to your website. Make sure the links are related to your business, if you’re in the garden business, you wouldn’t want to have veterinary blogs or car part websites linking to you, as the topics aren’t related.

External links are links that bring people to your page, and you don’t want them leaving as soon as they get there, because it’s a completely unrelated topic to the site they were just on. This will cause your bounce rate to skyrocket.

It is advised to link internally every once in a while. This means linking to other pages within your site, or linking to pages that aren’t your site. For example, if you’re discussing a topic, you could link to a website that offers advice or sells something related to that topic. This could even be mutually beneficial if you decide to do a link exchange.

Backlinks and SEO

There is no website that should be built or designed without SEO in mind. Backlinks greatly improve your chances of increasing rank in Google results. It’s important to routinely check your links, and make sure that none of them are bringing spam to your site, as this can be highly damaging to a site’s reputation in Google’s eyes. Some people think that it doesn’t matter how people get to your site, as long as they eventually find their way there. Quality links will do much more for your business over time with ranking. If people stumble upon your site, and are actually looking for the services you offer, you’ve done a great job with your backlinking.