Leveraging Google and Consolidating the Agency Footprint

Taking a top brand from successful to efficient


Cosmedica is a top online skincare brand that had achieved a lot of sales success already. They built a very successful Amazon business, got into Target and other big box retailers, and reached influencers like the Kardashians, who gave their products shoutouts online. They were by all measurements a wildly successful brand, but lacked efficiencies in a few key areas.


  • Cosmedica had a great website, but wasn’t effectively leveraging Google SEO to drive organic traffic to the website.
  • Cosmedica’s website was not conversion rate optimized, they needed to convert traffic to purchases at a higher rate.
  • Cosmedica’s best sales channel was Amazon, but had struggled with advertising efficiency and return on advertising spend.
  • Cosmedica had a different agency for every area of the business, Google advertising, Google SEO, email marketing, web development, Amazon advertising and Amazon SEO. They were spending too much time managing their agency footprint and needed to consolidate to save time.


  • Launched an SEO campaign and a content marketing campaign to drive more organic traffic to the site.
  • Conversion rate optimized the site to increase the ratio of traffic to dollars.
  • Took over Google advertising, email marketing, Amazon SEO, web development and Amazon advertising in addition to Google SEO.

180 Day Results

  • Increased website organic traffic by 40% (100,000 users)
  • Increased the probability an organic visitor would shop from 34% -> 45%
  • Increased overall website revenue by 106%
  • Increased Amazon ROAS from 1.32 to 3.08
  • Consolidated and reduced agency footprint through economies of scope