Leveraging SEO for Holiday eCommerce

October 22, 2019

The holidays are fast approaching, and now is the time to start leveraging SEO on your website to attract those holiday shoppers. Since it takes time to attain SEO rank improvements, get started right away.

Use Holiday Keywords

For SEO purposes, incorporate holiday keywords into your planning. That includes aiming not only for holiday shoppers in general but those seeking particular items for gift-giving. Depending on your business, you should know the big holiday sellers among your offerings, so concentrate SEO efforts on those. Local businesses should use localized keywords to draw in customers.

Keywords are always the linchpins of successful SEO, but not all holiday keywords are created equal. Perform diligent research to ensure your holiday keywords are trending well this season, and when peak performance occurs. For example, the term “holiday gift basket” ranks higher in December than it does in November.

Create Holiday Content

When you create new holiday content and landing pages, it should boost your SEO rankings. Regular blogs are an excellent way to advertise your products and services for the holidays. Google will give you the current trends for the top holiday articles. Once you start posting blogs, keep doing so on a regular schedule so that search engines continue to find your content new and to the point.

If you have had successful holiday content campaigns in the past, you need not start from scratch. In most cases, it is not advisable to run the same content from past holidays, but often some tweaking and streamlining is all that is necessary for this season. The content of “10 Best Holiday Gifts for Dad” may change from year to year, but the title is a perennial.

It’s also crucial to create content for specific events, such as Black Friday, when customers are most likely to shop. Target such content for sales and other holiday promotions.

Use Voice Search

If you didn’t use voice search for the last holiday season, you have catching up to do. Voice search is growing exponentially, and far more people are expected to use it this year than previously. Unlike standard SEO, in which a high ranking is still a good ranking, voice search is virtually first place or nothing. While initial attempts at voice search may prove less than satisfactory, it will get better over time and it is increasingly a necessity for holiday retailers.

Your website should also include lots of relevant videos. Good video content can increase search activity considerably.

Update the Checkout Process

While driving visitors to your site is imperative, making sure they make a purchase is just as vital. Update your checkout process so that fewer customers abandon their carts and more complete their shopping. Customers always want efficiency, but during a busy holiday season, they demand it. For best results, revamp checkout and keep only what is absolutely necessary. That means eliminating excess checkout pages, keeping form fields uncomplicated and adding a guest checkout if your website does not already have this option.