Case Studies

Blue Sky Vet Clinic

Blue Sky Vet Clinic operates in a highly competitive market of veterinarian clinics and hospitals. They wanted to grow their client base and increase client retention through aggressive digital marketing strategies. 20North delivered significant increases in organic and paid web traffic in 2019 compared to 2018.

Blue Sky Goals

Drive Web Traffic
Blue Sky wanted to drive more traffic to their website to make potential clients aware of the services they offered and the caliber of their veterinary staff in a competitive market.

Attract New Clients
Blue Sky hoped to attract new clients to their clinic beyond referrals – they wanted to reach a broader audience of pet owners within a specific geographic area.

Increase Client Retention
Retaining new clients over time would provide greater year-round stability for Blue Sky’s business and fewer off-peak times.

20North Strategies

Optimize Organic Search
Employed aggressive SEO tactics to secure page one search results for Blue Sky through optimization of the website and fresh, keyword-rich content.

Geo-Target With Advertising
Launched both paid search and display campaigns, targeting pet owners in Central Oregon. Broadened paid search to include searches that mentioned Blue Sky’s competitors by name.

Solicit Google Reviews
20North regularly used email to new clients incentivizing them post a review in exchange for a gift card, and the great reviews helped propel them onto page one search results.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Paid Display Traffic


Increase in Paid Search Traffic


Increase in Total Sessions

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