6 Tips for Successful Holiday PPC Campaigns

November 2, 2020

Keywords are the heart of Pay Per Click campaigns. If you get the keywords wrong, you’re missing an opportunity. The right keywords can drive an amazing amount of traffic your way and result in better holiday sales.

1. Do Your Holiday Keyword Research

This is more difficult around the holidays because there’s increased competition from eCommerce sites. Trying to buy keywords such as Black Friday or Christmas, for example, is probably too expensive to provide the ROI you need for paid search unless you add a modifier, such as specific items.

Focus instead of specific product descriptions for shoppers seeking specific items. This can create large batches of long-tail keywords but they’re more likely to drive traffic. “Red dresses for holiday parties” is more likely to get clicks and conversions that a more generic term, such as “party dresses.”  Long-tail keywords typically have fewer competitors and cab perform much more efficiently.

2. Segment Your Audience

Another way to optimize PPC campaigns for the holidays is to segment. When consumers are gift-shopping, but not sure what to get someone, an effective strategy can be to segment. For example, “Gifts for Mom Under $50” or “Gifts Dad Will Love” can capture undecided shoppers.

3. Give Them a Reason to Click

When people are searching online, they’ve got a lot of choices. Type in holiday gifts right now and you’ll see more than 2.4 billion results. Why should someone click on your ad versus your competitor? You need to give them a reason to choose you. Free delivery, significant discounts, or hot items guaranteed in stock can be motivators. As the holidays get close, guaranteed delivery by Christmas can generate clicks.

It’s tough to stand out these days – especially when Amazon’s set the bar for eCommerce expectations with low prices, fast delivery, and vast selection. What do you do differently that will get people to click?

4. Budget to Be Competitive

More competition for consumer shopping dollars also means there will be more competition for keywords and ad clutter. You’ll need to budget more for competitive keywords. You’re also likely to see more traffic from all of your PPC campaigns since more people are shopping online around the holidays.

5. Create Custom Landing Pages

Create custom landing pages for your PPC links. Conversions increase when shoppers can find exactly what they want when they click an ad. Users shouldn’t have to search your site for items featured in your PPC campaigns. When they click on an ad for holiday décor, they shouldn’t go to your home page unless holiday décor is featured front and center. Instead, send them to a custom landing page or web page that features those items.

When they do get to your website, make sure your site is ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday shoppers. This means your SEO is in order, you’ve got your updated shopping hours, and holiday special right up-front.

6. Don’t Forget the Basics of Effective PPC

Some things transcend the holidays. Don’t miss opportunities by making sure you’re also taking care of the essentials when you’re doing any paid search campaigns. It takes a dedication to the to produce consistent results.