6 Strategies for Cyber Monday Success

November 17, 2020

Cyber Monday continues to set records each year for online sales. Retailers this year are gearing up for one of the biggest holiday seasons ever. Expectations are that fewer shoppers will turn out for Black Friday sales at physical locations due to continuing health concerns and, instead, embrace eCommerce at an even higher level.

For many businesses, this year will be a make or break situation. You need to make sure your Cyber Monday digital marketing efforts are firing on all cylinders. This includes your paid search, organic search, content marketing strategies, email marketing, and social marketing.

1. Paid Search

To win paid search for Cyber Monday, do your keyword research. It may be difficult to outbid your competitors for “Cyber Monday” but you may be able to win specific categories.

  • Choose holiday-focused keywords.
  • Consider long-tail keywords to captures shoppers looking for specific products.
  • Create special landing pages for Cyber Monday specials so they jump out at shoppers when they do get to your site.

Doorbusters continue to get significant attention but the bar’s set pretty high these days. It takes BOGO deals, 50% off, or greater to get conversions.

2. Organic Search

Optimizing your organic search means optimizing your website. Make sure product pages incorporate Cyber Monday language and that you’ve sprinkled SEO-friendly keywords throughout your listings.

3. Content Marketing

Develop specific Cyber Monday content to boost your SEO rankings. “Best Cyber Monday Deals” can help your organic search and highlight the deals you’re offering. It works for organic search and can serve as landing pages for your paid search (PPC) campaigns.

4. Social Marketing

Optimize your social media marketing. Your content marketing can serve as a basis for social promotion to drive people through to your website. Consider boosting your posts or products with paid campaigns for greater exposure.

5. Email Marketing

Spend the lead-up time to Cyber Monday by growing your customer email database. Ask customers to sign up for exclusive Cyber Monday deals or discounts. This lets you market to them announcing deals and letting them know when it’s time to grab them. Early shopping or VIP offers to your best customers can be highly effective.

6. And, Don’t Forget To…

If your digital marketing is driving traffic to your site on Cyber Monday, make sure you’re ready. Cyber Monday is not the time for website problems. It’s worth time to stress-test your site to ensure it can handle the extra traffic. Double-check landing pages, links, and SEO.

Prepare your inventory and make sure your systems are in place. Plan for the increased volume of customer inquiries and fulfillment needs.

One important aspect to consider is that winning Cyber Monday is great but it’s just one day (or a week if you can stretch it out). Discounts and sales are likely to start earlier and last longer this year as retailers try to make up for earlier losses and save the year with holiday sales. Gear up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday but don’t forget to employ a consistent holiday marketing strategy for the entire holiday season.