6 SEO Trends To Watch

August 6, 2019

When it comes to SEO optimization, the only constant is change. What worked well a few years ago is now likely behind the times. Keeping up with current SEO trends is a crucial part of growing your business and customer base. Although SEO is sometimes complicated, remember the bottom line is that it is designed to bring traffic and business to your website. Here are the top six SEO trends for 2019:

1. Mobile Rules

Since mobile devices make up the bulk of how users access the internet, it makes sense that Google gives mobile phones top priority in terms of indexing. If your SEO content is optimized for desktop rather than mobile use, it will not generate as much traffic. Fortunately, revamping SEO content for mobile rather than desktop preference is a relatively simple redesign.

2. Mobile Page Speed

Along with mobile preference, mobile page speed is another critical factor in SEO. Look into Accelerated Mobile Pages, which load much faster than typical search engine inquiries. Keep in mind that while page speed is important, the actual content is still king when it comes to Google. In other words, you need high speed combined with good content. Slower pages with superior content rank higher than fast pages with inferior content.

3. Voice Searching

The advent of personal smart devices such as Alexa means more consumers are conducting searches via voice, and those numbers are expected to increase considerably. Within the next few years, more than half of American households will have smart speaker devices.

That’s why your company needs voice search optimization. The differences between good standard and voice search SEO practices are not great, but they exist. For example, people ask questions when conducting a voice search, and include conversational terms not often included in an online search. That means your voice searches require longer-tail keywords. The plus side is that long-tailed keywords are less expensive for advertisers than the shorter versions, and sport increased click-through numbers.

4. User Intent

Do you know what your potential customers are looking for? Knowing your core audience and their preferences is essential. In some circumstances, that could mean your audience is more likely to search on a desktop rather than a phone for your particular services or business. Does your potential customer prefer text or video? You also most intuit the questions they are most likely to ask when conducting a search for a business like yours.

5. E-Commerce and Amazon

Google still rules and likely will for the foreseeable future, but if you’re an e-commerce business, you need Amazon. Businesses need to go where their customers are, and Amazon is the platform. Optimizing your content for Amazon is not the same as Google optimization. Amazon, with its own proprietary algorithms, relies more on mobile and smart speaker devices.

6. Long-Form Content

As noted, good content remains the most important aspect of your SEO marketing, but long-form content ranks better than shorter versions. Long-form content gives you the opportunity to earn better backlinks.