6 Important Trends for Digital Marketing in 2020

January 22, 2020

Digital marketing evolves constantly, and there are new trends on the horizon as we enter the third decade of the 21st Century. Keep your marketing on track and adopt or change practices based on what consumers want in 2020.

Conversational Marketing

Probably the hottest digital marketing trend is that of conversational marketing. As more people rely on smart speakers to conduct their personal business, conversational marketing will only continue to skyrocket. Once consumers make the switch to conversational marketing, they tend to use this technology to make many of their online purchases. Not getting on the conversational marketing train will affect your business.

Shoppable Posts

You are already advertising on social media. While numbers vary according to the platform, 60 percent of Instagram users and 70 percent of those on Pinterest say they find out about new products via this media. Consequently, platforms are making it easier for ecommerce marketers to sell products directly to consumers via shoppable posts. This is an excellent way to get buyers to your site. For example, a product appears on the consumer’s feed. They simply tap the photo to discover the details and pricing, and then head to your website if interested.

Interactive Content

An overwhelming number of customers prefer interactive content. While that includes shoppable posts, that’s just one facet. Quizzes, polls and Augmented Reality are some other examples. One of the great bonuses of interactive content is that it encourages visitors to remain on your website. It’s easy to share and designed for social media. Maybe you wouldn’t share the results of silly quizzes –Which Star Wars character are you? –but plenty of people do, and it’s good for increasing your brand awareness.

Personalized Marketing

Nearly 90 percent of consumers say they enjoy personalized marketing, and you might wonder why that other 10 percent do not. If you are not currently personalized your marketing through email blasts targeted to specific customers, start doing so right away. E-mail segmented messaging tools such as Constant Contact make this quite simple.

Social Messaging Apps

WhatsApp and other popular social messaging apps are no longer limited to just getting in touch with friends. These apps are now critical methods for you to reach your customers. The apps allow consumers to have direct contact with the companies from which they are purchasing a product or service, with no one in the middle. Social messaging apps are perfect for personalized marketing. Use these apps to notify customers about sales and events, answer questions, letting people know about your products, and as customer support.

Syncing Software

As a small businessperson, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the thousands of available cloud marketing services. That is why more and more small businesses are turning to syncing software, which syncs every marketing tool you use. While such software may cost you a bit more in the short-term, over the long run it reduces time-consuming tasks, makes customer management simpler and upgrades accountability.