4 Tips to Leverage Google Shopping

August 11, 2020

Google seems to have their fingers in just about everything and recently they announced that its free Google Shopping service was expanding. Google announced that Google Shopping is coming to its mainstream Google search results. Furthermore, Google even announced that their listings in Google Shopping would be free, helping to generate billions of dollars in sales both for retailers and small businesses! The goal is to help shoppers choose between products and sellers that will help them meet their needs. While the paid version is not going away, Google is simply adding a free version. Clearly, Google Shopping has the potential to help companies reach an unprecedented number of customers. What are a few of the ways that companies can leverage Google Shopping to grow their businesses?

Segment by Intention

In the world of digital marketing, one of the first tips that everyone has to follow is to segment by intention. What this means is that branded searches perform differently than non-branded searches. In order for companies to maximize their performance, it is a good idea to create two separate campaigns to capture each side of the campaign. In one campaign, add branded terms as negative keywords to channel all of the searches that use brands to the other campaign. You can big higher on your queries that perform the best.

By approaching a campaign on Google Shopping with two separate prongs, this helps capture as many people as possible in a cost-effective manner.

Keep Pricing Competitive

Next, one of the keys to success with Google Shopping is to keep pricing competitive. Research has shown that pricing products competitively will lead to more clicks and conversions. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the traffic and competition throughout the industry so that companies can adjust their prices on the fly, helping to keep their traffic high. The goal is to generate clicks and conversions.

Add Keywords to the Titles of Products

Keywords are just as important in the world of Google Shopping as they are in other areas of business. Therefore, it is critical to add keywords to the titles of products. Product titles are incredibly important when it comes to the optimization of product feeds. By mentioning keywords in product titles, it is possible to generate more impressions for that keyword. While this might lead to long product titles, having the right keywords can drive clicks and conversions. Therefore, having strong keyword research is one of the keys to success in Google Shopping.

Rely on Digital Marketing Professionals

Finally, it is important to rely on professionals who have an intimate understanding of Google Shopping. While keyword research, segmenting by intention, segmenting by product ID, and tracking the prices of competitors might sound like a lot of work, there are trained professionals who understand how to do all of this in an efficient manner. If you want to learn more about Google Shopping, contact us today to learn about our digital marketing services.