2020 Trends in Content Marketing

December 10, 2019

It’s a new year, and that means new approaches to content marketing. However, in 2020 content marketing will prove more powerful than ever. Major trends point towards changes in both creation and content. That’s why focusing on content market results is more crucial than ever. Plan the coming year’s digital marketing strategy with these shifts in mind.

More Visuals

Younger consumers flock to more visual social media. They respond to high-quality visual content and storytelling. For marketers, there’s an advantage in the fact that advertising on YouTube is far less expensive than Facebook and other top social media platforms. In addition, customers pay more attention to video content than other media.

For small businesses, creating strong, appealing content for this channel is key, offering the best ROI depending on the enterprise. Repurpose your videos to address various formats, such as interviews or interactions transcribed to text or audio.

High-Quality Content

The demand for high-quality content continues to increase. That means writing designed for specific audiences, and brand style concentration. In an era when an accusation of “fake news” is commonplace, consumers want content with substance and first-rate sourcing of statistics.  

Focusing on Search Intent

Google’s latest algorithms can now determine what kind of search intent a user has. That ranges from informational, which is relatively straightforward – ask a question and receive a lot of answers –to navigational. The latter occurs when the user just types in a site name. Investigational searches involve looking for “Best” and “Recommended” products or services, while transactional searches focus on intent to purchase. None of this is exactly new, but Google’s upgrades mean searchers are sent to the type of content based on intent.

For businesses, that means you must create content for every top of search. However, it’s imperative to concentrate on your core customer. That means using keywords based on whether a customer is looking for information or an actual product page. Sometimes, just changing titles to suit the intent makes all the difference.

Keeping It Real

Conversational marketing continues to grow in popularity. This allows you to become better acquainted with your customer and his or her needs, even if via chatbots. Keep in mind that many customers prefer interacting with another human being, but that’s not an option for many small businesses.

Make an investment in conversational marketing to maintain an edge. Chatbot scripts require on-brand messaging, but they must sound genuine and provide the information sought. The chatbot also needs to find all necessary data quickly when engaging with customers. Make sure your data library is up-to-date and organized efficiently.

Smart Searches

Smart searching grows exponentially each year. By 2020, an astonishing 50 percent of searches will occur in this manner. There is a downside –currently, smart devices only provide the correct information about 60 percent of the time. Those numbers will undoubtedly rise, but the technology still has some way to go. Take advantage of this stage of tech by optimizing content for smart searching and get ahead of the competition.